Nov 13, 2008

Buy a car at invoice price (or very near)

Most people aren’t buying cars in our current economy, but if you are… this tip is for you. I used to sell car in college and this information is very real world.
Ask for the invoice. This should be in a big binder with lots of other invoices for cars. On the invoice, usually toward the bottom, “HB” or “Hold Back” will be typed with a number next to it.  
The holdback is money paid back to the dealership, from the manufacturer, after the car is sold. Think about it as a rebate coupon for dealerships. It’s unlikely that a salesman or dealership will be willing to give any or much of that money to you, but you should be able to get the price with the holdback included and any rebates that come from the manufacturer.
Obviously, this only works for new cars. 
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