Nov 5, 2008

Half off Food and Groceries!

If you have a really large family, this deal is an easy one for you. If you’re in a small family or an individual, you may need to find a few friends to pull this one off. Regardless of size, you will need a business license or tax-exempt certificate from your non-profit. Is that hard, with so many fully or partially self-employed people in our new economy? I’m sure you know someone. Get your church or social group involved. Find a few like-minded people. Use the previous blog post Start a Business for Free.

No standard supermarket will be able to come close to the prices you’ll get at Restaurant Depot on staples like pasta, rice, or potatoes, not to mention bath tissue or paper towels. How cheap, you ask. In this month’s Northeast flyer (see for yourself), ground chuck is $1.85/lb. I don’t know where you shop, but that’s almost half price. Thinking of the season, turkeys are $0.99/lb. I suspect that you’re paying at least $1.50. To add to the savings, because Restaurant Depot is wholesale, there’s no sales tax. What’s the catch? Well… it’s a big one. Aside from the business stuff mentioned previously, the box is big. This place is made for restaurants. And while you can buy one turkey, what would a restaurant do with one chicken? Expect 30 chickens in a box.

Just writing that reminds me of a friend in college that had this friend that worked for a poultry company, who convinced us to chip in and get an obscene amount of wings at some ridiculous price. At the time, I had a thing for Buffalo wings. When it was all over, I couldn’t eat chicken for a year.

No, not again! As much as I like chicken, I can’t eat a whole chicken everyday, nor do I have the freezer space for that much chicken. Yes, this is where your friends come in. Any friend, group of friends, or newly found friends (because of this plan), that cook or have a family will gladly share low prices with you. Be communal about it. Pool your money together and get lots of stuff.

If you’re going communal and have a designated shopper for the group, consider giving that person a 10-20% discount on their purchases. It’s only right, as there’s some work to be done at Restaurant Depot. All of the sizes are large, there’s travel to and from, and occasionally shopping at Restaurant Depot can be a bit stressful. Maybe the business owners are stressed seeing money go out the door, but you should be whistling a sweet, sweet tune. If you’re the designated shopper, please remember the following:
• Eat before you go. You’ll need the energy for walking, lifting, and packing.
• Take a winter coat. Even if it’s 115 degrees outside. Restaurant Depot has a walk-in cooler and freezer section that will chill your bones. Really!
• Leave you coupons at home. They’re not going to take them, but at these prices, who cares?
• Be prepared to wander. Sometimes things are not where they’re listed.
• Pick up some extra plastic storage bags. You’ll need them.
• Keep your membership card with you and handy. You’ll need it when entering the building and again to check out.
• Shop for the specials. In general the best deals are seasonal and excess supply. If you are willing to be a generalist, you’ll get a better deal. One cut of meat, as opposed to another, may be on sale this week.

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