Nov 6, 2008

Free Internet access. Free ISP (Internet Service Provider)

In a previous post, I briefly wrote about “catching” a free wireless signal, either by chance, with an unsecured wireless connection, or at most pubic libraries and schools. While I’m frugal, I’m not giving up my high-speed connection, just yet. But, if you’re connecting via dial-up, you may be able to save some cash, connecting to the Internet for free.

If you’re considering this, please keep in mind that you will be hit with a few ads when connecting. Also, you’ll be limited to dial-up speeds. But, if you’re an infrequent net surfer, basically checking email and reading this blog, this may be an effective cost cutting measure for you.

United Online, the parent company of NetZero and Juno offers up to 10 hours of free Internet access through Net Zero at this link. If you POP, grab your mail quickly by a mail client, 10-hours/ month should be more that enough time for basic use. With this free access, you will not be supplied an email address, but that’s not a big issue as Google offers free mail and POP access through gmail at this link.

If you need more than 10 hours of access, you’ll have to research your local options. ISP Bargains has a list of options organized by state.

Take a look. See if this can work for you.

Even if you opt not to ditch your ISP for something free, signing up for free access could be useful as a backup. An example of this usefulness would be in the case of a power outage. Provided that you have a laptop with a charged battery and your landline is a standard line, not VOiP through your cable or phone company, you can make calls without electrical power. This call could be from your computer to an ISP, giving you access to the Internet. Sphere: Related Content

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