Nov 15, 2008

Travel Cheap

If you travel through the NE corridor of the US, let’s say Boston to DC, this is a tip for you.

For this example we’ll compare prices on a trip from DC to New York.

Forget flying at $192.00 one-way! Between the high ticket prices, long security lines, and the seemingly inevitable delays (especially in NY), flying in the NE is not really cost or time effective. Often people elect this option because it seems fast. While the actual flight is fast, once you add the time to get to the airport, check-in, pass security, fly, circle and land, and then the time to get from the burbs to the city; it’s not fast.

Forget Amtrak at $72.00 one-way! It’s amazing that our country can’t seem to get trains right. The trains are slow and often delayed because of CSX. The Accela train is a gimmick and even more of a waste of money.

So what should you do?

Catch the bus!

No, not Greyhound at $35 - $41. has the truly frugal solution. You can travel as low as $17 one-way without advance reservations. If you are willing to commit to a schedule you can get as low as $29.00 round-trip.

Aside from the low fares, some of these buses, which are clean and safe, have wireless Internet access during transit. If you have your laptop and some headphones you’ll be stylin’. Surf over to and watch you favorite new or old movie. Watch the episode of Dexter that you missed or refused to subscribe to Showtime to get. Do some work, surf the net, or check this blog for even more money saving tips.

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  1. I'm using to book my trip to Boston right now. Thanks for the tip!